John 17-20 performed by storyteller Simon Camilleri



Simon Camilleri has been committing to memory and performing Scripture for the last two decades. His first production was a performance of the entire Gospel of Mark which he directed and performed with 11 other storytellers back in 2002.  2022 marked the 20 year anniversary of that production and it is Simon’s pleasure to present for you “That You May Believe”, a performance of John chapters 17-20.

John’s account of the trial, crucifixion and glorious resurrection of Jesus is especially powerful as it is written from the perspective of a direct eyewitness to these events. John 17-20 is more than a story – it is an impassioned plea from the “disciple whom Jesus loved” that we may believe that these things truly happened and know that Jesus truly is the Messiah. 

Simon’s 45 minute performance will transport your congregation back to the first century and engage them with the drama, emotion and reality of God’s Word in a unique and powerful way. But more importantly, it is a wonderful opportunity to invite family and friends who do not know Christ, to share with them both the gospel story and the gospel message.


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“‘That You May Believe’ is an engaging and enthralling 45 minutes for both believer and enquirer alike. Simon’s storytelling of John 17-20 gripped our all-age audience from beginning to end, and reminded us all of the power of God’s Word spoken out loud. Highly recommended.”

ANDREW LIM – Rector, St Mark’s Anglican Revesby, NSW

andrew lim

“Outstanding. Simon’s storytelling of John 17-20 illuminated God’s living word, bringing to light the drama and wonder of the Passion narrative. Believers, inquirers and skeptics alike were drawn into the meaning and emotion of what Easter is all about. I recommend Simon’s presentation.”

MURRAY CAMPBELL – Lead Pastor, Mentone Baptist Church, VIC

murray campbell

“Simon’s biblical storytelling performance was a wonderful highlight to our Easter services this year. It really brought us face to face with the characters and the gravity of the situation surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. It left so many of our church family (both kids and adults alike) impacted by the Easter story
and what it means for them. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

CAMERON GRIFFITHS – Senior Minister, Croydon Presbyterian Church, VIC


“Brilliant. Simon’s powerful presentation of John 17-20 was captivating, bringing to life the characters of the Bible and final stages of the passion week. He allowed God to speak for himself, sharing only what is contained in the Scriptures. The entire congregation was riveted. A wonderful evangelistic event. We will be inviting Simon back.”

BRAD JACKSON – Associate Minister, Glen Waverley Anglican Church, VIC




Simon Camilleri is the Creative Director and founder of The Backyard Bard – a Biblical Storytelling theatre company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Simon began The Backyard Bard in 2002 at the end of his Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Theatre Studies. Since falling in love with theatre at age 12, he has been involved in countless theatrical productions as a director, writer and actor.

Most recently, he directed and played the emotional character of Job in The Backyard Bard’s 2020 production of “The Book of Job”  and in 2018, he played the comic character of Bottom in Shakespeare’s “The Dream” by In The Park Productions.

Since becoming a Christian in his teens, Simon has always loved exploring, expressing and explaining the gospel through the various creative gifts God has allowed him to develop over the years.

Apart from theatre, he is also known for being the author of the children’s book “When Santa Learned the Gospel” and for his various other creative projects such as his Hamilton parody song, “Nazareth”.

Simon has been an actively-involved member of Bundoora Presbyterian for over 20 years.

Simon is also a husband to his wonderful wife Cat and a father to his two children.


Email: the backyard bard at gmail .com